Custom Stencils

Ordering a custom stencil is easy!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Write or type the text for your stencil just as you want it to appear on the stencil, i.e. centered, lined up on left or right margin, etc. It does not have to be pretty, just legible!
  2. Specify character height.
  3. Specify material to make the stencil, i.e. oilboard, polyethylene, polyester, or brass.
  4. Fax or e-mail the copy to us, and include a name and phone number so we can reach you. We cannot accept verbal orders for stencils.
  5. When we receive your copy, we can call you back if we have any questions and/or to give you a quote.

Materials available for stencils:

  • Oilboard - oil treated paper, usually .010 to .015" in thickness. Advantage: Price Disadvantage: limited number of impressions.
  • Polyester - .010" in thickness. Usually DuPont Mylar. With proper handling, may be used for many impressions. Durable, flexible, and may be cleaned.
  • Brass - Often used instead of polyester. Durable and can be cleaned. However, it's more expensive than polyester and must be handled carefully to avoid bending.
  • Polyethylene - usually used for large stencils such as parking lots, playgrounds, etc. 1/16" (.0625") or 1/8" (.125") in thickness.